• Kelly Harris

Tea and Cake

9 weeks into lockdown and it’s getting harder to remember what life was like before.  The rhythms of my day are so different. Three kids at home means 9am is more likely to involve Joe Wicks, reading and kitchen table science than my usual cup of tea and a biscuit while I check my emails. That being said, we are very fortunate in that the actual the day to day activities of running our bookkeeping business have been able to carry on as normal - albeit from 3pm till midnight rather than 9am-5pm!  That’s the advantage of using cloud-based software.  Clients are able to send me invoices, receipts and queries and I can update, upload and advise from my computer.  The basics of the service I provide are the same but what I’m really missing is the interaction with my clients.  I like meeting them.  I especially like it when we meet in a local coffee shop for tea and cake.  I want to know how they are and I want to know how their business is doing.  As satisfying as it is for me making sure all the numbers work and everyone’s records are in tip-top shape, it’s not why I set up this business.  I want to help. I want to be involved with local business’ and the people who run them. But life goes on and during these challenging times I will continue to provide the best service I can, as now more than ever, it is important that my clients can understand their financial position. Take care everyone, Kelly xx.

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